Order homemade food in Pune

Order Homemade Food in Pune

25 Nov 2018 no comments admin Categories blog-posts

Our Story:

Pratik Rokade and I (Priyanka Palshetkar) have been away from home since 2013. When we were in college, we were always on the lookout for good food options but we hardly found any. Ordering from restaurants was a costly affair and mess food bored the crap out of us. So we both tried cooking on our own for a while. As expected, we got tired of that too. Hence, we decided to do something about it once and for all and decided to start AlmaMeal – an online platform to order homemade food in Pune.

Order homemade food in Pune

The problem:

The two major problems faced by people who move away from home is that existing food options are:

  • Unaffordable (Restaurant food)
  • Lack of quality and is mass produced and unhygienic (Mess/ tiffin services)

What are we building?

At Almameal, we are building an online platform (website/ mobile application) where people who live away from their families in a new city can order healthy, home-made food from local homemakers around them. We envision to bridge the gap between quality, healthy, hygienic food and affordability for customers and solve the problem of making good food arrangements when moving to a new city.

Another problem that we are addressing is of the average Indian homemakers who are mostly women. There is a need to provide them with opportunities to be independent and earn money with dignity and tap their potential without them having to leave the comforts of their house. By giving them a platform to sell meals, we are in turn empowering their desires to be independent and still be able to look after the family. We provide delivery as well as packaging support to enable on-boarding more and more home-makers.

Our mission:

Our mission is to:

  • Build a community of entrepreneurial home-makers backed by our technology
  • Provide customers with home-made food products connecting them to good quality food and also to their roots and culture

To sum it up, we are a bunch of graduates who have undertaken the mighty task of delivering healthy, home-made food to people living away from their homes. We are passionate about this because we know how difficult it is to find good food options when we move to a new city. So order homemade food in Pune from our website now. You can also check us out on Instagram and Facebook. God Speed!