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Customer is the king!

04 Dec 2018 no comments admin Categories blog-posts

Author: Priyanka Palshetkar

I am a resident of Pune, India. Every day, during my college days, I had my lunch at a place called ‘Ras Madhuri‘ at Bibwewadi. It’s just like any other place where there are a lot of shops that served food to hostelites like me.

Online Delivery of Homemade food Pune

In this locality, there were around 6 shops which served food when I was in the first year. And in my fourth year, this number increased to 10. But my point is not just that.

There was a general store here in this gully where I used to buy a water bottle after my lunch. Two months back, that same uncle started his own food service in front of his shop because he could see the huge market in front of him. One day like always I went to buy a water bottle and he said, “Amhi pan mess suru keli aahe. Aani amchyakade special item pan aahetaaj Dal baati churma banavla aahe. Ya magh jevaila.” I politely nodded and left.

A month after this incident a new shop started at the end of the gully and a lot of people used to eat there. For fun, I went to try it with my friend and the food turned out really good and there was a lot of variety there. Also, dal-rice was free with the thali. So we decided to stick with this shop. Three-four days later while chatting with the aunty who ran that shop I came to know that they bought the place two shops away because the area was too small. That place was where I ate food before I joined Aunty’s mess. I felt bad that my previous food providers couldn’t meet the market’s needs! And they had to give away half there place thus leaving them with very few customers.

This continued until the following week when I saw this board hung before my previous mess provider’s shop.

Online Delivery of Homemade food in Pune

Introducing ‘non-veg’ in their menu at an affordable price fetched them a lot of customers today. That’s when I realized that the Start-up war was on!

This happened two years back. Today, Pratik and I, have a vision – to provide online homemade food delivery in Pune. And we have become a part of this. This incident has taught us an important lesson and that is, the customer is the king. We look forward to serving you the best homemade food in Pune.