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Meet the co-founders of Almameal

27 Nov 2018 no comments admin Categories blog-posts

Priyanka Palshetkar and Pratik Rokade are the co-founders of Almameal. They were selected in the Women Start-up Programme, organized by NSRCEL, IIM- Bangalore. From 6000 applicants, Almameal managed to bag a position in the top 100. Almameal is currently an incubatee at IIM- Nagpur.

Priyanka Palshetkar:

Priyanka Palshetkar, co-founder of Almameal

Priyanka is an Electronics Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. She has worked as a Technology Analyst at Credit Suisse, Pune for a year. There she developed skills to build websites and mobile applications using the latest technologies. Priyanka has also worked extensively on Design Thinking. Thus, she is able to be empathetic towards the customers and provide them a better product in terms of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). She has been using all this experience in developing the website and mobile application for Almameal. This has helped reduce technology building cost by a significant amount.

Priyanka also has exposure to big data technologies like Spark. She plans to utilize big data capabilities to analyze customer ordering pattern and behaviour. Thus, she would be able to predict the demand for certain products even before it actually happens. She was selected in Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program, batch of 2018. Harvard Business School Club of the GCC organizes this program in collaboration with Lakshmi Mittal Institute.

Pratik Rokade:

Pratik Rokade, co-founder of Almameal

Pratik is also an Electronics Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. He has worked as a Network Officer at Flight-case, Pune for a year. Because of his duties at Flight case, he was very active on the customer-end of the bargain. He handled queries of clients from the US. Thus, he gained exposure in talking to people and understanding their pain points well.

Pratik also ran a start-up named Inphinity Products, a proprietorship, in the final year of his engineering. He sold 1800 customized notebooks to students of VIT and COEP in two weeks. He earned a profit of 45,000 on an investment of 1,00,000 from his father. At that time, he gained valuable expertise in sales which he has been putting to use while interacting with the customers as well as the home-makers. He recently got to represent Almameal at the Global Innovation in Food Digital Business at Thailand. Almameal was among the top 10 food start-ups in the world to attend this event.