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Our Process

We onboard home chefs
We onboard home chefs

We find local homechefs in Pune who have delicious homemade meals to offer.

We add meals on our website
We add meals on our website

We add delicious homemade meals prepared by homechefs for you to order from.

We Deliver Your Meals
We Deliver Your Meals

We deliver delicious homemade food to you when you order.

About Us

At Almameal, we believe that customer is the king. Hence, we strive towards developing products that give happiness to our customers. Pratik and I (Priyanka) have been away from home since 2013. When we were in college, we were always on the lookout for good food options but we hardly found any. Ordering from restaurants was a costly affair and mess food bored the crap out of us. So we both tried cooking on our own for a while. As expected, we got tired of that too. Hence, we decided to do something about it once and for all and decided to start AlmaMeal. To sum it up, we are a bunch of graduates who have undertaken the mighty task of delivering healthy, homemade food to people living away from their homes. We are passionate towards this because we know how difficult it is to find good food options when we move to a new city. Hope to deliver delicious food and happiness to you too 🙂

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